Halifax, NS

Provident is so excited to have acquired an amazing piece of land off Herring Cove Road where we’re developing a pocket subdivision of 96 semi detached homes. Not far from Long Pond Beach (a supervised swimming favorite) and the Pavia Gallery and Café by Purcell’s Cove Road, Birchdale is just 15 minutes to Downtown Halifax. This new subdivision is a niche community all our own, and you will see it, with our signature style and complimentary details resulting in truly attractive streetscapes throughout the neighbourhood.

Home Designed with You in Mind

With over 35 years experience designing and building efficient layouts, you’ll see how creative our layouts are, minimizing wasted space in even our most affordable homes. Regardless of the house plan you choose, we’ve thought of everything from functionality, attention to detail, and storage options inside and out.


Keeping affordability in mind, the homes in Birchdale offer attractive interior and exterior finishes regardless of your budget. Our design team have put together packages of options and extras that each buyer can choose from to suit their needs or their wants without having to pay for expensive features they don’t. No different than buying a car, you can select a base model or add-on to make a luxury model!


Ever drive down a street and scratch your head at opposing styles and designs that stand out like a sore thumb? What we love about Birchdale is the exclusivity of ensuring complimentary designs, colours and styles, with every home. Provident will apply our known ‘Tradition of Excellence’ to the entire neighbourhood. And, we’re confident it will retain a timeless feel that will set it apart for decades to come. That protects property values. That benefits buyers. Every family that moves to Birchdale will be proud to call it home!

Contact Information

Scott MacDonald
Director of Sales
Phone: 902-456-0340

Provident is pleased to offer a customer centric sales experience. We happily cooperate with your agent.

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